Life Changes and Time Moves On

The Love Visiting blog I was using became infected with a virus and has expired.
So I am now doing book reviews and giveaways on a new blog found at

Please come visit soon (and often) and don’t miss Ms Vanessa’s AMAZING Halloween party in October.

Fanciful Twist Halloween Oct 2014 A Fanciful Twist

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Where have I been?

I should get back here. I miss you all.

Please look for me on facebook –
Laura Dogsmom

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Magical Autumn Party Times

Who has not harbored dreams of a travelling life, roving town to town, living in the woods, dancing around a fire?
Share those dreams and live them for at least a day.
Visit  Gypsy Dreams  to sign up and for details for the September 10 party

It is time for the second Practical Magic blog hopping party!

For details and so very much more, sign up to be part of the F U N 
visit the special party page.

If you attended last year you remember never wanting it to end.

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Still Around

I  know I have not posted here since spring, and that was only to keep this blog alive. It has been a strange spring and summer.

Eventually I will be back and I’ll let you all know when that happens. Thanks for checking in on me.

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Dress Yerself Up For St Paddy’s Day

Here’s something fun to try when the party is slowing down.

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Upcycled or Upscale? Perhaps both

Where has my head gone?
I forgot to remind you of a major event.

The third annual Bead Soup party.

210 artists have gone to creative lengths to design and display online collaberative pieces – true use what you are provided and what you have on hand.


Visit as many as you can and there is also a chance for you to receive a fantastic prize. 

Become inspired and excited over the chance to join in next time coming up in August.

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The Day Is Coming…

Don’t get caught with your tail tucked.


Happy Show and Tail!
Happy Ruby Tuesday
Happy Rednesday
Happy Valentines Day

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Happy Groundhog’s Day

Time to shed the Winter weight.

For a list of February link parties, click here.
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A (Not so) Shabby Vintage Thank You

Before the holidays I was invited to participate in several blog hops.
The best part of hops is meeting new bloggers and lots of eye candy and inspiration.

(Ahh, yes it’s a glamorous life.)

A pair of those bloggers, across a vast ocean from each other, were celebrating a milepost in each of their blogs.
Gina, Vintage Junk in my Trunk  in the eastern section of the U.S.
and Tamarah of Shabby Vintage Junk  in Australia both began blogging early in 2010.
  Isn’t it amazing how blogging brings us together!

I am super excited and pleased to give a huge THANK YOU to Tamarah for my prize and surprise.

Still, there are some things we have not yet learned how to do through the computer lines.

 And it was really exciting to receive a package from a land I have dreamed of visiting.


Although it was torture to open so slowly,

I wanted to share the experience (the joy) of opening it with you. Isn’t she sweet?


 Care was taken down to the last detail.



Isn’t this wonderful and exciting?

I feel like she really did make this just for me! 


    OK- so my photos don’t show it well, (click to enlarge)
but one of the elements is a 1969 dogtag from Albany New York.

I will steal a picture from Shabby Vintage Junk. 

 I love all the elements – dog tag, bells, feather charm and more.
Tamarah told me she got some fun elements when she came to Texas for Round Top. 
The video above is one of several on her YouTube Channel.
   She also is mum to two wonderful furkids.

Thank you Tamarah for this great surprise and the opportunity to get to know you better.

For more chances to meet new bloggers visit Junkin’ Finds Friday!

Show off your FAVORITE THINGS at Laurie’s.

Are you shopping the Op shops and Flea Markets?  Share your finds here at Her Library Adventures.

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I Am Coming Back

2011 is not getting off to a fortuitous start.

Or Maybe NOT.


I will be back here.
I will be crafty.
I will try to be entertaining.

For now I am trying to get better organized.

See what I have been posting at  DogsMom  or see my status on FaceBook.

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