A Punch of Colour

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is celebrating a boatload of followers and has had the most fantastic posts up this week celebrating life and junk and thrifty redos and
you just must go visit and become a follower.

Today she issued  a challenge to readers to brighten up our lives

by adding some unexpected color to your home.

I live in a very old farmhouse.  When I moved in it was traditionally decorated
and quite beautiful

 but very pink.     The window treatments came with the house.

 I also have a man in the household who sometimes has the attitude that if it ain’t broke, wait to change it.   So very slowly things are changing to make the house my own.

The first punch of color is actually from him.

 Stuffed toy mascots from the autoracing club.

That left me open to add my own bit of whimsy.

Some simple and easily found fast food toys in various colors.










And in the bedroom


Do you have a punch of color in your home?

If you are Motivated Monday there is a new link up party at Be Colorful. 
Show Off Your Cottage Monday at the house in the roses.

Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

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7 Responses to A Punch of Colour

  1. debbie says:

    Do I have a punch of color in my home….hmmmmm….I think someone punched me in the face with it!!~ I always manage to squeeze some time with a spray paint can in hand. I love your punches, they are fun!

  2. Kendra says:

    Such colorful whimsy going on… very cute! Love that you incorporated your hubby’s collectibles! 🙂

  3. Awww.. that’s so awesome your hubby got involved! Fun! That picture sure is cool!

    Thanks for linking up to the colour challenge!


  4. Yanet says:

    Awh, how sweet of you to incorporate the hubs. Good for you!

    Thank you coming for a visit.

  5. chris v says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by the blog! I just put up a logo if you’d like to use it for the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature at Candid Canine, http://candidcanine.blogspot.com . (you’ll love the stuff coming up!) Neat idea to link the Halloween events (never knew were so many!)
    Chris V.

  6. pamela says:

    Thank you so much for linking up your fun post to Motivated Monday at Becolorful.
    This is my first visit here so I wanted to say hello and I’m glad we’ve “met”
    I’ve been looking around a bit and wanted to say I really enjoyed your October Barn post. Loved the spiders and the tone of the post. Nicely written.

  7. “If it ain’t broke, wait to change it.” Hmmmm….hubby sounds practical. Lovable, but practical. I would say, “If it ain’t broke, then it’s lonely and wants attention.” Sort of like good shoes with high heels. They aren’t broken, they are just sitting in the closet -how could they break? But they want attention now and again and so I have to bring them out and wear them with a new outfit sometimes. Haha! I just love farmhouses! I bet yours is fun to decorate. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Elizabeth 🙂

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