Been too Busy to Blog

Happy Haunted Season all –
I feel like I have not really blogged at all this month, here or at my first blog or at the other blog I don’t talk much about.
I split my topics into different blogs to keep the focus on fewer topics per blog but this month I have not had time to keep up with any of them. 
Busy busy busy month.
It has definitely been a learning experience.

Speaking of learning I am taking 2 online classes and having a great time.
A photo class with the phenomenal Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios Photography. 
A free online art class about Art, Heart & Healing  from the amazing Tam of Willowing.

Both of these ladies are supportive and encouraging and accept you regardless of your level of talent or inexperience.
I believe it is important to keep learning new things and be involved with others to be successful as a human being.

I have also been visiting the Halloween and Autumn focus events I mentioned in a previous post  and I have been adding to that list. 

I did get to spend some time in the haunted woods of Wisconsin’s State parks and forests. Those pictures will be shared soon.  I should enter some in the pumpkin parade!

And earlier today I was enjoying
Haunt Jaunts where they know how to throw a fun party.
Well of course they offer contests and giveaways.

So I have been very busy and have not offered much in the way of content. I apologize.  I hope I have visited your blog or website. If not, leave me a comment here and tell me to visit you and get involved in your events. 
I am doing my best to have tea ready this weekend. (2 parties)
And I am readying a post for the Mom Cave contest.

As well as that I am worrying about family members with medical problems, a few having surgery, trying to ready the farm for winter, and trying to give individual attention daily to each living critter I share my life with, while not compromising my own health in the process.  I am tired!

I hope to visit each of you soon.



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