Recognize This? Whatzit Wednesday

Secret Santa

Santa came to visit carrying a special sack.

Santa's purpose?

You can see by his shadow that there is a hole under his sack carrying arm.

Is something missing?

I colored it in to make it more obvious.

click to enlarge

Can anyone tell me what Santa is designed to hold or carry?
Santa is about 6″ tall, very heavy and chunky.
The hole curves from Santa’s beltline around his waist and back, not actually into the sack.

Any information on this object is appreciated.

We are fairly certain it does not have anything to do with Coca Cola.

Good guesses welcomed.

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26 Responses to Recognize This? Whatzit Wednesday

  1. genie says:

    I do not have a clue, but I am really curious to learn the answer. I do like your Santa. Happy Rednesday. Genie

  2. toothpicks? matches? not a clue. Happy WW.

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    Gosh I’ve not seen a Santa that holds something. I don’t have a clue either.

    Have a terrific WW. 🙂

    Wordless Wednesday

  4. It’s hard to tell from the picture how big the Santa is…but could it be toothpicks? You’ve got me wondering too!

  5. Louise says:

    I thought he might be a bottle opener.

  6. Katie says:

    Hmm… not a clue!

  7. Rachel says:

    How weird! I can’t imagine what it’s meant to hold since the hole goes all the way through!

  8. I have seen one other like this and if my memory is correct it was carrying a miniature bottle of Coca Cola. Coke has a museum of all of its advertising and collectables so perhaps someone their could give you the answer.

    Regardless, this is a lovely find. I would use the empty space to insert a letter to santa or a greeting to my dinner guess or some such.

  9. Brandy says:

    hm I think maybe candy canes … I have no clue lol.

  10. cork? Hmmm not sure Haven’t seen one like that before

  11. Debbie says:

    I was think a cork for a wine bottle but then I thought may be there was a bottle brush tree plugged into this hole!
    How interesting!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  12. LaVoice says:

    Probably a bag of switches for all the bad boys.

  13. Bobbie says:

    This is tough.. it’s not a candle or anything like that because Santa would not be sitting in the right position for that, I would say candy canes or something maybe.. hmm the mystery remains!

  14. Ann says:

    Whatever he’s suppose to hold, he’s too cute. I like the idea of candycanes.

  15. noelle says:

    not a clue..
    but i would love to know!

  16. Pens? i will be thinking all night now LOL

    Happy WW! and thank you for stopping by

  17. One Heart says:

    I agree with Rita, Coca-Cola, and I’d definitely use it to tuck in a cute little letter to Santa. Maybe use some nice scrapbook paper or something. Cute post.

  18. Sam says:

    No idea, but I think there’s some great ideas here. I’m betting on the coke suggestion.

  19. Oh lots of great ideas to use him for! but I think he was meant to carry a wine bottle… or any taper necked bottle that can fit in that hole. but you have lots of other ideas, for your special find!

  20. Love this! Hummm, I can’t tell how big Santa is but if he’s bigger than he looks in the photos I’d say a wine bottle! If he’s a small-fry Santa…hummmmmmmmmmm. I got nothin! Can’t wait to see!

    Thanks so much for linking up at All Things Merry & Brite! Please drop in on Wednesday and link up more inspiration! xo
    All Things Heart and Home

  21. Dawn says:

    This doesnt help at ALL, but I think there is a piece missing. The way that the front of his coat is shaved off, it looks like there was something glued there – perhaps the bottle opener that some were guessing, or something like that….. but I do think that something was there at one time – whether it went all the way through the hole, or just up to it, I dont know…. thats my thought!

  22. Vee says:

    Hi…what fun to read your post and then look for some answers in the comments. Did you ever find out for certain? What a creative idea to use it for a letter to Santa.

    • dogsmom says:

      Thank you for stopping over. I still have no clue about its original intended purpose, or the “missing piece” but I have found some creative uses for Santa. I need to do a follow up post of ways he’ll be put to work.

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