Best Posts/Links to Share

This is a collection of links I love to posts found anywhere and everywhere. Linky parties and posts I wish every one of you would read.

These are things I am super excited about.

From the DIY Show Off   a Show Off Your Blog list by category.

Nancy Zieman’s blog and her story in PDF format 

Lori Anderson’s ecourse on blogging and business building 

Elizabeth Maxson at Shop Talk has a fish story for you, a parable if you will.  Do not skip the story and the lessons contained (you will smile, I’m sure, and relate) followed by some inspirational window and booth displays.

 Eric Maisel Creativity Central  on being creative, living and expressing creativity. 

Rachel Ashwell on settling or making do or maybe learning to love?

About the Illustrator: Eloise Wilkin


I am still checking this out but am pleased with what I have read so far.
She generously offers these brief audio tips
for increasing your business

Tasha Tudor Day   at Storybook Woods 
Miss Emaline’s Circle also did Tasha Tudor posts in late August 
as did Rookery Ramblings 

A list containing links to some wonderful artists of The Olde Farmhouse Gathering  Etsy team. 

One Pretty Thing gives us links to Crafty Reading by category.
This is a fairly regular feature and can be seen on many dates.
Check it out by category.
Another category is Better Blogging tips & tricks here and here.


Are you a fan of American Pickers or are you still in the doghouse and have never heard of the show? For some wonderful insights and a fresh take on the fascination we have with this “reality tv” experience, visit C. Cianne Zweig and search for American Pickers.
Or click that last link cuz I wouldn’t want you to work too hard.
While there, visit the rest of her Kitschy Collector blog as well.
While I was there I saw a button taking me to this site  for online antique collectors.  I am sure I will find something there to share in the future.

I have been hooked on Hooked On Houses  for quite a while.

Houzz  design and decor inspiration for any living arrangements (or dreams)

Have you seen Laurie’s kitchen decked out for the holidays?
In this particular case Halloween.

Here Gail shares with us some of the Vintage and Antique mall dressed for Christmas open house.

I am a big fan of all the Where Bloggers Create posts. The one I want to share here is Roberta’s organized crafting space.
Another great crafting space is found on JoAnnA’s Art Journal at Moss Hill Studio.

One of the best posts ever  on creative storage created from things you have is found at Mamie Jane’s.  Here she shares her creative shelving.



A reference list of stamping terminology from FCD
and a brief tutorial on coloring techniques

Tidymom Cheryl has her own way of keeping track of, and sharing, her best finds on the web.  She started a collection here.

The Shabby Cottage Studio has an Inspiration Gallery

A list of links to sewing and handmade tutorials collecyed by The Domestic Diva (2007) and Sew, Mama, Sew  (2008) and 2009.

Artists Who Blog is an interesting look at contemporary artists and crafters interviewed by Stephanie Levy. 

I love seeing anyone who shares their antique mall booth or craft sale set up. Mitzi has so much to offer. Here she writes a post about Buyer’s Remorse and gives us some well thought out advice on things to beware. 


Heather has her own way of sharing inspiring links. She not only has a page, she dedicated an entire blog to links.

I am hoping this will become a very full page, full of parties and eye candy and inspiration. Visual dreaming.