Creative Ambitions   Kendra in Tennessee, her creative journey

Fabulous Friday on WWC with Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie 
evolution of a blog and a lifestyle

Gussy tells how she quit her day job (and more) 

Junk Market Style interviewed Sue Whitney, junkmaster,
about following her passion and developing her dream.

The All About Me link party hosted by Funky Junk Interiors including a link to her own story. Thank you so much Donna!  In a similar vein I enjoy features about “behind the blog” or Purse Blogger’s Favorite Lady of the Week. Cozy Little House has a weekly feature called Welcome Wagon Fridays.
For a true adventure story and interesting About the Author tale, read Sarah’s story at A Beach Cottage (in Australia.) She also has a page showing her Before & Afters that you will love if you are shabby chic or beachy or love a challenge.

If I find enough of these features I will start an about YOU page.

Another story about following one’s dream, perhaps more suited to my beginner blog than this art blog, but fitting in with About You and following Your Passion, is told (in several parts) on the  7MSN Ranch pages.  It is about having a dream and doing what she had to do to make it become her life.

Apron Thrift Girl
Selena shares how to’s on many aspects of finding wonderful things to sell and tips, hints, advice on reselling.

Leslie, from Goodbye House, Hello Home offers insights into selling on Ebay here and here

Where Women Create link to webinar with Amy Turn Sharp on Growing Your Etsy Business. 

Nancy Zieman’s story (sewing with Nancy) 

The always inspiring Lori Anderson on trying something different and pricing your work 

Laura of 52 Flea interviews Joan of Anything Goes Here about starting up an Etsy shop.   on Kim Klassen’s Inspiration Studio site. 

Coming up in the summer of ’11, an ARTFUL Gathering online workshop and craft fair. 

Did you know Etsy has a LIVESTREAM video series?
Besides joining in on special events you can revisit those videos at your convenience.
If you know of similar stories that I should read for inspiration & motivation, please leave a comment.
Also links to any pages of “how to’s” about setting up an online shop, a booth in a mall (craft, thrift or antique) or at an arts fair,
or links about drawing traffic and getting noticed, setting prices, finding supplies at better prices, etc.

Stories of overcoming obstacles or adversity and doing what one loves.
Rags to riches success stories.
Links to places that help people realize their dreams.


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